Bill & SunAe with children in the early days.

Why Did I Buy an Assure For Life Plan?

Bill & SunAe with children in the early days.
Bill & SunAe with children in the early days.

So, why did I buy an Assure For Life plan and become a customer? Well it was about 1:00 in the morning when I got a video sent to me on Facebook Messenger. My first thought was, Oh, Steve got himself in another deal. But, being a friend I took a look at what he had. I watched the 5-minute video. You can watch it below right here. It’s a video that was produced by Assure For Life and explains the consultant program, compensation plan and promotion levels with Assure For LIfe. Interesting I thought! Some nice upfront commission checks looked very promising.

I took a closer look at the Assure For Life funeral assistance plans and knew immediately it was something that I needed to get for my family. End of life preparation is something I had been avoiding, probably like many others. At 63 years of age I had no life insurance and we all know that the older we get the more expensive life insurance becomes. I certainly did not want to be a burden on my children and leave these expenses for them to deal with at a time of mourning. An affordable assistance plan provided by Assure For Life fit mine and my family’s needs so I became a customer that afternoon. Learn about the affordable assistance plans offered on the Assure For Life Webinar.

Assure For Life Webinar
Assure For Life Webinar

When Steve told me I could become an Assure For life Consultant at no additional charge, I told him to sign me up for that too. I had never heard of a company providing a membership plan like this and other than life insurance there’s really nothing out there like it. At some point everybody is going to need this service. Most people don’t have it and that creates a huge opportunity for those who want to share Assure For Life with others.

Now I am not a life insurance agent and cannot give advice on insurance. I can tell you that Assure For Life is not insurance. It is a membership plan. It does not pay out a cash benefit like life insurance does. At the time of passing they provide a much-needed service for their customer.

If you do not have life insurance or are under insured, this will be a nice plan to have as it is affordable. The funeral assistance plan is not a replacement for life insurance and we DO NOT recommend that you cancel your life insurance when you buy your Assure For Life funeral assistance plan.

If you are ready to get your family assistance plan, give me a call or fill out the form here and I will get right back to you. I look forward to assisting you and helping you to put the protection in place for your family that is needed. Talk to you soon.

Assure For Life Consultant Bill Simms
Bill Simms
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