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In the video below we go over the Assure For Life Business Opportunity, the compensation plan and the promotion levels in Assure For Life.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to Assure For Life Team. This is the moment to discover all the commercial tools that I Assure has created for you. Now you can know how to protect yourself as well as your team. Join America’s best funeral assistance plan.
To improve your skills and maximize your income in a consistent and scalable way, you need to know the guidelines that will take you to a new level.
What makes us different? Our funeral assistance plan has transformed the burial insurance market in the United States. It’s a product that not everyone has, not everyone sells, but everyone needs. So cheer up we have the best funeral assistance plan in the United States.
You can earn unlimited income based on your performance. We will do it step by step. If you have any questions please get in touch with your sponsor.

Step one. Get started with your Assure For Life quick pass. The activation process is by purchasing your family plan. Through your sponsor you will receive a link to access the application on our platform.
You must get a certification. It means that you must take the training and pass the certification exam. After this process you will start with a 35% commission on your direct sales.
Step two. Commission and promotion model. Here is your biggest breakthrough. According to your sales volume you may have a higher level promotion, individually or with the help of your team. Remember your income depends on your level. Each level has a different commission rate that you can access through promotions.
The way you want to manage your sales structure is up to you. However you can choose between these two types of promotions. Direct sales promotion. If you only want to make personal sales as a consultant and not build a team you can achieve up to director level. As a director you can earn up to $12, 650 per month. Great. We know you can achieve this goal with the Assure For Life Business Opportunity, but there is much more.
Direct and downline sales promotion. As a consultant you can build your downline and become their sponsor. In this plan you can grow to achieve a successful regional manager level.
For six assistance plans sales during a month, at least two sold by yourself and four by your downline. The next month you will be promoted to a junior level and your commission on direct sales will be 40%.
When you make 10 assistance plan sales during a month at least two by yourself and eight by your downline, you will get promoted to senior the next month and receive 50% on your direct sales, 15% on your beginners and 10% on your juniors.
When you reach at least 25 sales, you will become a director. This will grant you the ability to build two direct senior teams in different structures. Then become a leader with two teams of directors and be promoted to manager, division manager and finally reaching the level of regional manager.
In other words if you get a level promotion your commission rate on direct sales will be higher and higher. The key is to monthly make two sales on your own to stay active. In addition to that you will earn a commission rate on the sales of your downline according to their levels.
So adding up your direct sales and those by your team members, you can earn more than $50,000 per month. Believe it and create it and this is not the end. You can achieve much more if you want to. Our team is ready to support you and help you accomplish your goals in the Assure For Life Business Opportunity.
Now that you are aware of all you can accomplish you should consider the following conditions. To stay active with Assure For Life you must make it least two monthly sales. The commission percentage is applied on the annual value of the plan, registration included. Commission payment is made according to the customer’s payment method.
The sales on which Assure For Life determines the level of promotion must be plans of $600, $900 or more per year. They are not determined by direct sales of lower value unless the number of these direct sales is equivalent to the plans of $600, $900 or more annualized.
Finally you need to know that to stay in a certain level you need to monthly comply with the established amounts. Your time is now. You have a great market to conquer. We are sure with your ability and our great product you will succeed. You are already a member of Assure For Life’s winner team. The best funeral assistance plan in the United States. It’s time to go from I want, to I have.

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