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Assure For Life Assistance Plans – Webinar and Slide Presentation

On this page we will present the Assure For Life assistance plans.
Assure For Life is a 70 year old company with experience in providing comprehensive services with a high human sense and excellent quality standards. The company has more than 2500 organizations (funeral homes) as their clients throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States.

Assure for Life provides more than 10,000 funeral services per year keeping their promise of high quality services for their customers. The company headquarters is in Columbia with offices across Latin America the Caribbean and the United States. They are members of the national funeral directors association, members of the Latin American cemetery association and a member of the Remanso funeral homes Network. Assure for life has an impeccable A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

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As mentioned the coverage is throughout the United States the Caribbean and Latin America.
Keep in mind the plan offers protection for accidental, violent or suicide death, three business days after enrollment ( once the first payment has been made).
Natural death: 180 day waiting period after enrollment ( what’s the first payment has been made).
Just like with any other membership plan, a non-payment for three consecutive months will generate an automatic cancellation of the plan.
There are some conditions that make an individual ineligible for the plan. The plan holder and their members must not have any of these conditions. A diagnosis of a terminal condition will disqualify. If a person is undergoing treatment for cancer they will not be added. Patients undergoing dialysis or brain tumor are also not accepted.

Benefits: We cover standard funeral expenses.
Transfer the remains of your loved one to the country of origin or final destination of rest.
Provides an airline ticket (1) exclusively for the plan holder to a company the service of their loved one.
Parents or partner of the plan holder up to 80 years of age. Maximum two people within the family plan at the time of enrollment, with permanence over time if the plan is active.
Our funeral assistance plan offers three options to its members, but only delivers one of them at the time of requesting a service.

Assure offers its funeral assistance plan, where you can protect up to seven people in the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean. Those affordable plans include the family plan, senior plan and individual plan. Learn more about the Assure For Life funeral assistance plans by attending our 24/7 webinar online. If you prefer to read about the plan yourself. You can do that by viewing the slide presentation on this page. Are you ready to start with a plan? Contact us here and one of our consultants will be in touch to help you get started and answer any questions you might have.

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